Automatically post your blog to social media

A good friend of mine recently said “it’s a pity I can’t just automatically post my blog entries on social media”. Good news! You can - with one caveat… you can everywhere except Google+.

If-That-Then-This (IFTTT) is a fantastic (free!) integration tool. I’ll show you how to leverage it.

First, a note on google. How can a company founded, staffed, and loved by developers be so terrible at APIs? A good public API allows developers to integrate. We make tools, we automate things, we develop apps that automatically post a picture of a cat on twitter when your WiFi aware light switch is turned on or off (true story).

So, if any Googlers read this - please, please open your APIs!

Automatically post to Twitter using IFTTT - Step By Step

Go to IFTTT and sign up. Before starting, you are going to need to activate the Twitter and Feed channels. When you activate a channel, you need to configure all the associated settings for the service. In the case of twitter, you need to sign in your twitter account.

IFTTT organises all of your tasks into recipes. We are going to create a new recipe.

  1. The IF part of If-This-Then-That refers to a trigger condition. In our case, it is a new blog post appearing in our blog’s ATOM feed. Choose the “Feed” channel. Feed Channel

  2. Choose “New Feed Item” as the trigger. Choosing the trigger

  3. Enter your blog Feed URL. Trigger Details

  4. Set “Twitter” - “Post new Tweet” as the action. This is the That part of If-This-Then-That. Set an action

  5. Add some descriptive text. You can reference the title and URL using variables, as pictured. Add the title and URL

  6. Confirm your new recipe, and you are good to go. Add a new blog post as a test. Confirm it

You can add a recipe for Facebook following the exact same process. IFTTT really is a great service. Here are some other things I do with it:

  • Sending a push message to my phone when my porch light is turned on
  • Sending a push message to my phone when my irrigation pump is turned on or off
  • Sending an email to me if it is going to rail tomorrow
  • Turning my porch light off at Sunrise.

Happy automating!