Remove wall tiles the lazy way

Ever had to remove wall tiles from plasterboard (gyprock) ? It sucks. It tears up the surface. It takes forever. Is there an easier way? Yes.

Yay, power tools

Why remove tiles one at a time, when we can remove all of them at once!? All you need is the humble multi-tool. First, some warnings:

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  • Make sure you wear appropriate safety gear.
  • Turns off your mains power first, just in case you hit electrical wiring.
  • A large panel of wall tiles can be heavy, have a friend help you lift it down.
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Cut it out

All you have to do is cut a square around your patch of tiles. This square should start and finish over an upright - to make re-plastering easier. Try and keep the cuts as straight as possible. Watch out for electrical wires and water pipes. You probably should avoid hitting the tiles with your multi-tool blade, as they can send sharp porcelin shards into your face.

Cut that sucker out

Lift it down

You might need a mate to help lift the tiles down. Large numbers of tiles are heavy. Try to keep it in one piece, as you can use it as a template for the new sheet of dry wall. Just lay it down on the new sheet, and use it to mark out where to cut. When cutting, knock off 2mm extra on each side. That will give you some adjustment space when attaching to the wall.

Tiles after removal

Walls gone wild

Here is my wall, sans plaster. See all those wires running sideways? that’s bad. They should come straight down from the ceiling. This is why you should turn the power off before cutting.

Naked wall

Slap it up

At this point you are going to want to put your new piece of dry wall in. Use plaster board screws to secure it to the studs, then put some mesh tape over the joins. Give the joins a coat of Gyprock Multipurpose Joint Compound or similar. The Gyprock Homepage has full guides. Too easy. Get yourself a beer.